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Our partner

Two experienced partners offer you a wide range of solutions

Since 2004, Bitron and Wilo are reliable partners.


Our Partnership

In the increasingly competitive and complex international environment in which we
operate, you are seeking for reliable partners to develop your high quality & innovative hydraulic solutions?
To meet the requirements stemming from this fast changing environment, Bitron HVAC Systems and Wilo have put together their complementary competencies, know-how and resources to serve our OEM HVAC customers in the best possible way.
This partnership aims at providing you outperforming, innovative products and services in all domains that certainly concern you the most: quality and project management, competitiveness, innovation to name a few.


The Hydraulic Group

The family of Hydraulic Groups is comprehensive and well established on the basis of different models already on the market and millions installed systems for the major European HVAC OEMs.
The Hydraulic Group is composed of high performance thermoplastic materials, certified for direct contact with drinking water. Within these elements there are integrated components which enable the operation of the boiler, such as the 3 ways valve, different sensors (temperature, pressure, flow), safety valves, heat exchangers and the circulator. In particular, the integration of the latter is carried out in close collaboration between Bitron HVAC Systems and Wilo.
What characterizes the Hydraulic Group is an in- depth knowledge of the product and its applications; each component is developed, tested and qualified by Bitron HVAC Systems and Wilo in its final environment to make sure it can withstand the harshest field conditions. Each component is manufactured in-house for a perfect traceability and quality control.
The Hydraulic Group is produced, assembled, tested and delivered to the customer ready to be mounted into the boiler. A wide choice of pumps for Combi and Bithermic versions and multi plate heat exchangers for Combi versions respond to your needs.
Integration of components designed, developed and produced by Bitron HVAC Systems and Wilo will guarantee the customer reduced lead times, low stock volumes and a single main reliable partner.

Link: http://www.bitron.net

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