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The most reliable OEM pump

The new Para series offers a more compact design which makes installation and commissioning very convenient and easy. The comprehensive range consists of self-controlled pumps (Dp-v, Dp-c, n-contant) and external controlled pumps via iPWM or a LIN bus interface. 
Also several smart functions are available via the Gree Button concept supported by a unique LED user interface.

Special features/benefits:

  • Easy integration through backwards compatibility and compact design
  • Maximum flexibility for the OEM achieved by late customisation of predefined settings
  • Easy handling and commissioning thanks to Green Button Technology and a unique LED user interface
  • High operational safety through clever operational functions like manual air venting, manual re-start function or return to factory settings
  • Easy replacement thanks to front access  to the signal connector, the pump data and to the motor fixing screws
  • Up-to-date online product information accessible via QR code
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